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Masomo na michepuo ya A-Level

"Education is not a way to escape poverty, it is a way to fight it" - Mwl J. K. Nyerere

Our Stand


“Educating is not a profession but an attitude, a way of being;

in order to educate it is necessary to step out of ourselves and be among young people, to accompany them in the stages of their growth...

with the sole objective of training and helping to develop mature people who are simple, competent and honest,

who know how to love with faithfulness, who can live life as a response to God’s call, and their future profession as a service to society... Without consistency it is impossible to educate!” (Pope Francis, 7th June 2013)


Our school is Catholic: so we have to teach truth only, not propaganda of any kinds, even if proposed by the government.

No truth can contradict another truth. Faith is above reason, but there can never be a contradiction between faith and science because both originate in God. It is he himself who gives us the light both of reason and of faith.

Creationism is not a scientific theory about the beginning of the world; it is faith in God’s presence and activity in the whole world’s origin and development which science tries to explain its own ways.

Biology cannot fully present the specificity of humans among animals, because its field of studies is just their bodies, while souls are outside its scope: yet, only a spiritual component in humans can justify their too much different capacities.

Every time we study human body we have to remember the prominence of the soul enlivening it. That's why every human’s life has to be protected from his/her conception to his/her natural end, and sexuality has to be always directed to the full growth of both individual and society.

It is everybody’s duty to learn how to live according to his/her own sex in a way that helps this growth: we are not allowed to play with human sex and life.

We cannot friendly approach what is sin, because it destroys individuals and society, nor use the expression “reproductive rights” to permit free sex and abortion.

We don’t accept the condom culture, that is any technological doing sex against its natural meaning. Moreover, there is no totally safe sex: it is an experience too deep to be done without risks for soul or body.

Nobody can choose his/her sex, because it is given from the very start of his/her life in the mother’s womb. We don’t accept using the grammatical term “gender” in order to deny or reduce the import of differences between men and women: they are intended to complement each other through love in family and society.

We do thank the parents ready to generously give birth to many children: everyone is not a burden but a chance of progress if responsibly accepted and educated.

On the contrary, we are not allowed to produce humans in laboratory as if they would be merely matter: fertilization in vitro is a deadly abuse of human lives by technology.

We do accept natural ways to scientifically regulating fertility, such as Billings Ovulation Method, though the dominant culture tries to devalue or keep silence about them, for they are not sources of income.

While criticising fundamentalism and other perversions of religion,

we refuse negative presentations of it as those affected by Marxism.

Despite human weaknesses, we cannot straight classify Christian missionaries as “agents of colonisation”, for usually their reasons and aims were very different from those of traders, explorers and politicians; moreover, many times they were not from the country which occupied another people’s homeland.

They offered their lives to give the Africans their own treasure: Jesus Christ and his love without borders, to replace superstition, tribalism, slavery and women’s oppression.

Finally, if partaking Western knowledge by the missionaries through schools and hospitals was a fault,

why do we follow more and more the same way?

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